Welcome to the ON AIR WORLD radio travel show webpage.

The program is broadcast across numerous radio stations in Australia and elsewhere, as well as being archived here at


Every week, we travel to a new location to highlight the best things to do and see in various cities and regions around the  world. The program is available for broadcast for community and other radio stations across the planet. The program covers what to see and do, food, transport, airline links and lots of other useful information.

Anyone is free to listen or download segments from this page, but it is mainly a portal for radio station staff and programmers to access segments for later rebroadcast. The only restriction for rebroadcast is if you are a commercial organization, then we request a small donation for using the content. (Community radio stations/travel blogs, etc. are welcome to use the content free of charge.)

1. To hear the segments, click on the ‘download shows/listen’ tab.
2. To see where our segments are broadcast, click the ‘broadcast station affiliates’ tab.
3. For an explanation of how the system works and how community radio stations can benefit, click the ‘FAQ’ tab.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. great stuff and when are you coming to our city carved on a single rock called Warangal in India+
    W E L C O M E

  2. Well I am travelling to Kolkata from Bangkok later this month, so I’ll report on the experience if you
    are open to contributions Geoff for your interesting radio travel concept. Rod McNeil

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