Presenters/Program Contributors


Geoff Harrison – Grad. Dip. (Comm)

ON AIR WORLD Radio Travel Show is produced and hosted by Geoff Harrison.

Geoff has an extensive background in world travel, is a published travel writer and a full member of the International Travel Writers Alliance. . He holds a post graduate degree (Graduate Diploma) in Media Communications at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

He has worked and lived for extended periods in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Melbourne and Queensland, Australia and has over 35 years experience in broadcast radio as a producer, announcer and journalist, including 15 years as a general news reporter for the BBC, in Holland, Australia and Sweden.

We also feature segments and interviews from across the world provided by our highly respected contributing correspondents, including:

Ashley Scilly 1

Ashley Gibbins – FCIPR, MCIJ.

Chief Executive of the International Travel Writers Alliance, the world’s largest association of professional travel writers and broadcast professionals.

We welcome Ashley as one of our regular correspondents. He is a third generation journalist and the Managing Editor of Allways Traveller, which provides independent travellers with features and incentives from the journalists in the alliance.

Click on Ashley’s picture or the logo below to visit the International Travel Writers Alliance website.




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