Q. What is the purpose of the programs?

A. To provide community radio stations worldwide with a no cost weekly travel radio show.

Q. What about commercial stations?

A. We ask commercial stations to pay a low yearly fee/donation for provision of up to 52 produced segments.

Commercial stations can pay for the content using the ‘donate’ tab via Paypal.

Q. How long are the segments/interviews?

A. Between 3 and 10 minutes with an average of 6 minutes.

Q. Why are the segments free or at low cost?

A. Producer/Host Geoff Harrison is a published travel writer and a member of the International

Travel Writers Alliance. He is also an experienced radio producer, therefore he can keep the cost of production very low.

Q. What format do you provide the segments in?

A. Mp3 format at 44.1 khz, 16 bit quality, downloadable from our Soundcloud page at the ‘download/listen’ tab at http://www.onairworld.com

Q. Can online stations use the content too?

A. Yes. Any outlet can use the segments, but if you are an online commercial organisation, we ask for a small

annual fee/donation.

Q. Can you link to our radio station website if we use the content?

A. Yes, we put a link to your station with your logo at the ‘Broadcast Affiliates’ tab at http://www.onairworld.com

Q. Can we have a promo/ID made for our station?

A. Yes, we make these free of charge. Just let us know you need one and we will make it for you,

mentioning the time of airing and the stations call sign/frequency. There is an example of this on our Soundcloud page for one of our stations, 2AIR FM Australia.

Q. If we provide services to the producers, can you link to our website?

A. Yes, we feature organisations that help us on our ‘Supporters’ tab page, with links to the companies home page.

Q. We got lots of people listening to our segment. Can we do something for On Air World?

A. Yes, you can donate anything you wish via the ‘donate’ tab on our website. This helps you and other organisations in the future to

benefit from our programs distribution worldwide and helps with our production costs/travel, etc.

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